Category: Everyday Healthy Living

Mental Health and Relationships

Mental HealthDrink Alcohol Only in ModerationGet Enough SleepGet Support If You Are a CaregiverGet Your Teen Screened for DepressionManage StressQuit SmokingTalk with Your Doctor about DepressionHealthy RelationshipsTake Steps to Protect Yourself from Relationship ViolenceTalk with Your Teen about Healthy RelationshipsSTD Testing

Sexual Health

Choose the Right Birth ControlGet Tested for Chlamydia and GonorrheaGet Tested for HIVGet Your Well-Woman Visit Every YearChoose the Right Birth ControlMen: Take Charge of Your HealthProtect Yourself from Hepatitis BSTD Testing


Learn First AidLower Your Risk of FallingPrepare for a Flu PandemicPrepare for an EmergencyPrevent Back PainPrevent Infections When You Get Medical CareProtect Your Child from InjuryProtect Your Family from Food PoisoningStay Healthy When You TravelStay Safe at Work
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